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Four Assistive Living Gadgets to look out for 2018

Posted by / March 29, 2018 / Categories: Industry News, Inside Recliners

The age of smart technologies is upon us and nowhere will their impact be more profound than in the field of assisted living. We look at four smart devices that we think will have a huge impact in 2018.

Orcam MyEye

Using the latest in artificial intelligence technology, the Orcam MyEye acts as a real pair of eyes for partially sighted or blind people. The camera – which is no larger than a USB stick and clips on to a pair of glasses – can recognise text, faces, common objects such as money and more. Once it has recognised an object is relays the information audibly to the wearer.

Zeeq Smart Pillow

People with disabilities are more likely to experience disturbed sleep, which is why the Zeeq Smart pillow makes our list. Inbuilt sensors help prevent snoring by activating a vibration alarm when relevant noise is detected. The pillow also plays music to help soothe the sleeper, analyses the quality of sleep and helps to keep sleep  regular by waking them gently at set times.


Whether it’s the way you start your day, take a mid-morning break, pep yourself up in the afternoon or all of the above, everybody loves a good cup of tea. For people with disabilities, act of making a cup of tea can sometimes be difficult, as it involves standing for long periods of time while the kettle boils. The Smarter iKettle helps cut down on this time. Controlled by a smartphone, it allows a user to set the kettle boiling from anywhere, so fresh water is pre-boiled when you want to make a cuppa.

Amazon Echo

Not specifically for people with disabilities we know, but the voice control functionality of Amazon echo and other similar devices has a vast array of possibilities for implementation in an assisted living home. From turning on lights, activating the heating or switching channels on the television, to allowing people access to a home via a screen, there is plenty about this smart technology that could make many aspects of life much easier for people living with disabilities.

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