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Harmony Porta


Meticulously Designed Manual Porta Chair

Our Design and Development team have created a perfectly crafted range of mobile / transfer chairs. The chairs will fit and suit most user needs, being comfortable and extremely supportive.

Independent Extending Footrest

The independent extending footrest eliminates the need for manual adjustment to footplate through the footrest elevation.

This ultimately reduces the secondary users assistance whilst eliminating bending of the knees as the footplate is elevated into a rise position.


Tilt In Space System

A ‘Tilt-In-Space’ mechanism is used in our Porta chairs allowing the back to recline and the seat to tilt backwards in unison.


Waterproof Fabric

Our waterproof fabrics combine maximum abrasion resistance with a specially engineered low friction surface which minimises the risk of shear.


Independent Leg Lift

As a standard feature the Porta has an integrated independent leg lift facility operated by a release catch on the chairs arm.


Meticulously Designed Manual Porta Chair

Padded Pelvic Belt

The padded pelvic belt maintains position and is designed for user comfort.

Arm Blockers

The 1.5 inch arm blockers provide simple lateral support and reduce seat width where required. These come complete covered with a Vapour Permeable (VP) water-proof fabric.

Soft Deep Headrest

A deep, ultra soft pillow that conforms to the shape of head and shoulders providing a higher level of comfort for the user.

Soft Profiled Headrest

A contoured soft pillow to fit shoulders, neck and head whilst providing a supportive head position.

Soft Butterfly Headrest

A soft pillowed headrest which provides comfort along the curvature of the users neck without restricting any movement.

Deep Contoured Headrest

A reflection foamed headrest providing support to users who suffer with severe head movements and neck injury.

Shallow Channel Legrest

Our shallow channel legrest offers lateral support to the users leg position.

Deep Channel Legrest

Our deep channel legrest supports a more central leg position for the user.

Adjustable Footplate

Our height adjustable footplate attaches to the legrest, once elevated to support feet and prevent toe drop.

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Size Matrix Guide

Product Spec. Measurements (inches)
Seat Height 16 – 21 to footplate
Seat Width 18, 20, 22
Seat Depth 20, 21, 22 3″ Adjustment
Back Height 26, 28, 30
Armwell Height 7

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