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Harmony Riser Porta


Meticulously Designed Porta Chair

The Harmony comes in a range of mechanisms which will cover a full range of posture and pressure positions and support while having the ability to gently rise the user to a standing position.

  • A range of posture requirements can be supported by the use of its interchangeable cushions.
  • The users pressure care needs can be managed throughout by use of interchangeable seat cushions.
  • A range of replacement or alternative backs can be purchased to extend the use of our Harmony Riser Porta.

Tilt In Space System

Using a Tilt-in-Space mechanism with independent leg elevation and back recline option provides a change of orientation and thus redistributes pressure from one area to another and maintains physical angles at the hips, knees and ankles.


Postural Management

Using interchangeable back cushions and pressure seating options allows the user to achieve the most comfortable sitting positions and to achieve the correct posture.


Pressure Care Management

Using a Vapour Permeable Fabric with Four-way stretch allows alternative pressure care foams, cushions and gets to be incorporated in the seat offering low to high pressure care options to the user.


  • Removable back cushions For posture & support
  • Interchangeable seat cushions – For pressure care needs
  • Highland fabric to body
  • 4-way vapour permeable stretch fabric on contact areas
  • Handset pocket & loop
  • Rise & recline or recline-only options
  • Single motor, dual motor and tilt in space options
  • Range of fabrics – Anti fungal, anti bacterial, waterproof, Crib 5, Stretch

Standard Headroll with lateral

A deep soft pillow combined with a soft lateral which gives you moderate support to the back and trunk.

Horseshoe headroll

A contoured soft pillow to fit shoulders, neck and providing a supportive head position.

Foam lateral

This option gives a firmer support to the lower back and trunk.

Deep contoured headroll

A Reflexion foamed headrest providing support to users who suffer with severe head movements and neck injury.

Grab bar

Heavy duty grab with rubber grips.


Integrated Accupack which will perform 40 complete cycles between charging.


Integrated unique drop down footplate.


Large castors for ease of movement.

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Size Matrix Guide

Product Spec. Measurements (inches)
Seat Height 19
Seat Width 19
Seat Depth 20
Back Height 28
Seat Height 17 (to footplate)