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How to Clean your Patients’ Recliners Chair

Posted by / September 30, 2016 / Categories: Inside Recliners, Occupational Therapy

We’ve been talking a lot recently about how to help your patients get the most from their Recliners chairs, by using the footrest correctly or providing appropriate lumber support. Another really important element to be aware of is the best way to maintain and clean your patients’ chairs.

Our chairs use some of the very latest upholstery technology, with options to include easy-clean, anti bacterial and anti fungal material, and/or removable, washable covers to help minimise the risk of disease.

However, when patients are sitting for a long time in the same chair, bacteria can build up, especially in high contact areas such as beneath the thighs. Knowing how to keep it clean is an essential part of providing a high standard of healthcare for your patients.

Though we have a range of materials available to suit a range of situations, they fall into two major categories:

Soft Upholstery:

This type of material is especially popular in our domestic range, for example The Cheltenham, The Windsor, and The Surrey.


The more resistant quality of this material makes it especially popular in our homecare and healthcare ranges and is used in models such as The EcoFlex, The Harmony Porta and The Matlock.

Regular Cleaning:

For soft upholstery, use a damp, microfibre cloth. This will help eliminate build-up of dirt and bacteria. For best results, use tepid water.
For vinyl, a dry micofibre cloth is the best thing to use.

For both types of material, most water based, household cleaning sprays can be used to help eliminate bacteria.

Spillages and Soiling:

The majority of fabrics we use are waterproof and stain resistant. However, if spillages do occur, apply a dry, absorbent cloth as soon as possible.
For bodily fluids, use a damp sponge and cold water until completely removed. For plant or vegetable stains, a warm water and soap solution is recommended.
If heavier soiling occurs a bleach solution of 5% can also be used to remove heavy stains. Haz-tabs and Chlor-Clean are effective agents.

If you ever have any questions regarding the best way to clean or maintain your Recliners chair, you can always give us a call, and we’ll be happy to help. Contact us at: 01443 431 000.

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