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Inside Recliners — Issue 1

Posted by / April 26, 2016 / Categories: Inside Recliners

Hi – Welcome to Inside Recliners, the new monthly newsletter from Recliners. We’re always really happy when we hear from occupational therapists or furniture retailers that our chairs have helped them provide a really great service – to make their patients’ or customers’ lives more comfortable. But we’ve been thinking for a while now that there’s more we could do to help. A lot of insights, ideas and interesting bits of news come our way during the course of our work – many of which we feel would be of use to you. There are also a lot of common question we get about our chairs. So this newsletter is about sharing some of that information. It’s our way of supporting you to do your jobs even better.

Thanks for reading – from all at Recliners.

(P.S – if there’s anything you’d like to see in future editions just let us know – we’re always open to ideas about ways we can help.)

Recliners at OTAC

Recliners at OTAC
Last month we loaded up the company van and took some of our latest ranges to the Occupational Therapy Adaptions Conference in Reading. We used the show to unveil a couple of our new products and services, and were keen to see what the response would be.

This was the third time OTAC has run, and the second time Recliners have attended. It was great to see the conference building on the success of last year’s event in Cardiff, with even more exhibitions and a range of different training opportunities for occupational therapists on offer.

From our perspective, it was great to meet a lot of OTs first hand, to talk to them about the issues they face at work and to get their thoughts on some of the latest chairs in our range.

We were delighted with the huge amount of positive feedback we received on our latest model, the Newark. So many of the OTs we talked to told us that a model like this, with its emphasis on versatility and comfort, was just what they have been looking for.

If you’ve been keeping an eye on our social media recently you’ll see we’ve been extremely proud of the Harmony Porta model and this took centre stage at the show. Features such as the chair’s easily portability, the adjustable footrest and leg heights as well as the reclining back have already made this one of our most popular chairs, and OTs were keen to see if the adjustable features were as easy to work as our video makes it look. (We’re happy to say they were!)

OTAC was also a great opportunity for us to give our first CPD training session with the Eco-Flex Chair. This is proving extremely popular with hospitals and other large organisations because of the considerable amount of money it can save, by eliminating the need to buy several chairs of different sizes. Steve ran the session to a roomful of OTs and other healthcare professionals, showing how to manage the versatile height adjustments of the chair and explaining the advanced pressure care management system. Steve is now running these sessions around the country – if you’d like to book one click here to make an enquiry.

Overall we felt it was another great event put on by OTAC – a great chance to reconnect with some familiar faces and to meet some new people in the industry. It’s always positive to see the brilliant advances in healthcare products and technology and OTAC provides a great platform for sharing ideas and industry knowledge. See you there next year!

If you would like a product demo on any of the models mentioned, click here to arrange a viewing.

Industry News

How is Tech Changing Healthcare?

It seems as though every industry, from transport to real estate is undergoing huge changes as technological advances filter through. Healthcare is no different, and the next five years promise unprecedented rates of change and advancement, in everything from biomechanics and wearable technology, to remote patient care.

Last month saw the AXA PPP Healthtech Awards. Here are 5 products that caught our eye – apps, and machines that could make a real difference in the lifestyles and treatment programmes of the patients who use our chairs.


Cited as the ‘world’s first online physiotherapy systems’ this innovative programme allows therapists to remotely deliver and supervise their patients’ personalised rehabilitation programs. It’s more than just a Skype chat though – the program uses high-tech augmented reality games and exercise regimes, which can be closely monitored and adapted to suit the patient’s needs. The detailed analysis tools allow the therapist to monitor progress and redesign rehab accordingly, while saving significant time and travel expense.


Allows precise tracking of a patient’s skeletal movements via nothing but a webcam. The 2D images recorded by the patient’s preferred device are translated to 3D and played back to the patient and therapist in real time. The instant feedback on their movements helps patients make the correct adjustments quicker, and allows therapists to monitor their patients’ progress, whether they are alongside them in their home, or working remotely.


The perfect solution to the poor posture problem, Lumolift is a sensitive device that fits under your collar and vibrates whenever it detects slouching. The great thing about this device is that it’s just as useful for the average person as it is for patients with postural problems; almost all of us could have better posture and this nifty app could help avoid problems in later life. It also has a built-in step and calorie counter for those looking to stay on top of their fitness.


Wearable technology is going to become more and more common in healthcare in the coming years, and HipsProtect is a great example of just how useful it can be. Not only does it protect 70% of the impact of a fall, but it sends an automatic alert to a carer if it detects that the wearer has not risen within a certain time period following their fall.


Walk With Path
5 million people living in the UK suffer from mobility issues and falls are a common problem. Often these are caused by something known as freezing of gait (FoG), which occurs when a subject feels completely unable to move. Walk With Path helps overcome this problem by providing a clear visual cue for the subject to focus on. The product is a shoe that emits a laser directly in front of the foot when the heel meets the floor, providing a clear path for the user to follow.

How can Healthcare Retailers Stand out in the Online Shopping World?

Two articles caught our eye in THIIS Magazine recently discussing the ever-growing trend of online commerce and how it affecting retailers. More and more retailers have been talking to us about this issue, so we decided to put down a few thoughts on how we feel that retailers can make sure they are customers’ first choice when it comes to purchasing healthcare products.

Surviving in an Ecommerce World

Ecommerce grew by 16.2% in the UK last year, and the trend shows no sign of declining. For retailers, this presents a real challenge – how to convince consumers to spend in store rather than online.
Jeanette Warner
In her article based on mobility scoters, Jeanette Warner highlights the fact that healthcare retailers have one big advantage – knowledge – and the ability to advise their customers in a truly bespoke manner.

It’s true that there is a wealth of information available online about almost any specialist product, but the reassurance that a personal touch can provide still outweighs the convenience of online retail when the purchase involved is something as important as a healthcare product.

Where Recliners chairs are concerned, if a retailer is able to understand the customer’s postural requirements and advise accordingly about exactly the right type of chair, this will be faster and more reassuring than any user manual or online guide.

It’s about knowing your product – and your customer – as well as you can.

In fact, as Polly Eden points out in her article, where specialist healthcare products are concerned, it’s the online retailers who have to make the effort. Though their company is mostly focused on online sales, they have found that the most effective way to make these is to go and engage with customers in a personal manner through training and information sessions.

When making a purchase as important as a specialist healthcare product such as a Recliners Chair, customers need to feel as sure as possible that they are getting the make and model that is right for them. By ensuring that their knowledge and advice is as detailed and useful as it can be, retailers can ensure customers still come to them, not a website, for high-importance products.

We’re always happy to help retailers learn more about our products and we offer free training sessions on all our models. If you feel you ever require some training on the Recliners Chairs models, or simply want to ask us a question or two, we’re always happy to talk. Give us a call at the workshop on 01443 431000 or click here to submit an enquiry.

Chair of the Month

The Newark

We’re thrilled to introduce The Newark Pressure Care Chair, for enhanced comfort with a refined style.
Newark - Chair of the Month
The Newark. Adaptable, Stylish Comfort.

A result of several focus group meetings with OTs from across the country, this chair addresses a real gap in the current market, offering a complete range of support options to address almost any postural requirements.

As standard, the chair comes with a range of interchangeable back cushions, catering for patients with everything from lordosis (inward bending in the lower spine) to issues in the shoulders and neck.

In addition to this, the Reflexion ™ Pressure Care cushion inserts can be added under the removable seat covers, meaning that patients who tend to lean to one side are properly supported and have a lower risk of developing sores. This risk is further reduced by the permeable, 4-way stretch fabrics that cover the cushions, maximising the benefit of the pressure care system and reducing the risk of moisture build up.

The combination of the cushion inserts and the back cushions means that users have a completely bespoke postural solution. It can also be altered as and when required, to add variation or account for changes in posture.

Like our popular Eco Flex model, the Newark offers wide-ranging height and depth options. In an organisational setting, this offers considerable savings, eliminating the need to buy a number of different sizes of chair as the Newark can be adapted to suit an individual patient’s needs.

The refined style means it does not look out of place in the home, and adds a classy feel to any waiting room or treatment area. Finishes are available in three shades of polished ash, mahogany, teak or natural.

To find out more about the Newark model and request a free product demo, click here.

CPD Training

Hospitals and Care Homes are Saving Thousands with our New Eco Flex Chair. Now we’re Offering Free CPD sessions for all Staff and Retailers.

We have recently begun offering free CPD training on one of our most popular models, the Eco-Flex.

What is the Eco-Flex Chair?

Eco-Flex - CPD Training
The Eco-Flex has been specifically designed to save social care and healthcare organisations money. It eliminates the need to buy a wide range of multi-dimensional chairs, by offering completely flexible movement options in multiple directions.

While significantly cheaper than chairs made to bespoke specifications, the Eco Flex comes with several high-end features as standard. These include the Reflexion ™ memory foam with built in medium pressure care, a lateral supporting back cushion and a range of 4-way, permeable healthcare fabric coverings.

Who is the Eco Flex suitable for?

The great thing about the Eco-Flex model is that it is suitable for almost anyone, from the average person looking to improve their seating posture, to patients with severe mobility and postural difficulties. The adjustable back, height and depths allow a complete range of postural management options. Extra pressure care products can be added to provide bespoke, additional support.

Who is our CPD Training for?

Our CPD Training is for anyone working within a healthcare setting, whose patients may benefit from the comprehensive range of postural support options and the high level of comfort the chair offers.

What does the CPD Training Cover?

The CPD training we offer on the Eco-Flex model will show you how to use the chair’s many features correctly, to give your customers and patients the maximum benefit possible. Features the CPD training covers include:

  • Adjusting seat depth using the hand-operated ‘turn wheels’ and changing the brackets.
  • Adjusting the seat height with the easy-to-use glide mechanisms.
  • Using the tilt-in-space feature to redistribute pressure for comfort and support
  • How to correctly adjust the footboard using the simple ‘turn wheel’ system to offer maximum comfort and support.
  • Assessing a patient’s needs to decide which of the interchangeable back cushions will offer the most beneficial postural support.
  • Pressure Care Management advice, including how to determine the need for and choose the correct support cushions, and how to insert these correctly into the removable duvet cover.
  • Safely moving and handling the Eco-Flex Chair.

Is CPD Training necessary to use the Eco-Flex Chair?

The Eco Flex Chair has been designed to be as simple as possible to use. All the adjustments can be made by hand and the user manual clearly outlines how to use all the different adjustment mechanisms within the chair.

However, our Free CPD training will ensure all staff know exactly how to use the chair to offer patients the maximum benefit. If every member of your team is confident using and adjusting the chair to meet specific individual needs, then not only will your organisation be making big savings by only having to buy one type of chair, but your patients will be benefiting from maximum comfort and benefit.

Can I add the Eco Flex Training to my record of continual professional development?

Yes. You will receive a certificate at the end of your course which can be added to your CPD record.

How can I organise a free CPD training session?

To book your Eco-Flex CPD Training, call Kelly at Recliners on 01443 431000.

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