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Inside Recliners — Issue 36

Posted by / March 29, 2019 / Categories: Inside Recliners, News & Events, Occupational Therapy

Hi and welcome to the March issue of Inside Recliners. We promise not to mention the B word. Instead, let’s focus on the fact that the days are getting longer, the trees are budding and there’s a definite springtime warmth to the air.

We hope you’re enjoying this little burst of spring weather wherever you are, and that you have some nice plans for the forthcoming (and very welcome) Easter break. As always, here’s our update of what’s been keeping us busy up in the workshop.

The team at Recliners

News and Events

Recliners Review Day Featured in Thiis Magazine

At the end of last year we teamed up with Promoting Independence to put together a panel of OTs to come and review our range of chairs. The feedback from those ‘on the ground’ was invaluable, and will help us continue to help OTs provide the best possible care they can for their clients. As Promoting Independence’s Stuart Barrow said: “Speaking as an OT, I can tell you that recliners chairs have made the lives of many of my clients much, much better.”

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Chair of the Month

The Newbury

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Did You Know?

Our Treat-Eezi pads are covered in an advanced microfibre material, which reduces the build up of shearing and provides a soft, comfortable surface for the user to sit or lie on.

Your Thoughts?

Don’t forget to let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions for products you’d like to see from us here at Recliners. We’re all ears.

OT News

Three Simple Ways to Maintain Patient Dignity

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Coming Soon – Jelly Drops

A novel solution to keeping dementia patients hydrated.

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Industry News

Six Great Products for Assisted Living

Innovative designs for travel, rehab and home.

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Disabled Workers in Wales

Landscape for disabled workers in Wales still not up to standard, says disability charity.

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