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Pressure Care


Our Pressure Care Systems

At Recliners our aim is to provide the most effective pressure management seating solutions available. Providing the right seating system can help maintain independence and promote social inclusion. We offer a various selection of pressure care options from different foams, air cushions, gel cushions and the latest pressure care system: “Treat-Eezi”.

Innovation In pressure Care

Simple and easy to use, Treat-Eezi pads require no electric pumps, make no noise, and provide 24-hour protection against pressure sores.

Suitable For Social Care – Treat-Eezi pads are simple to place, quick to remove and easy to clean or bleach, providing a valuable improvement to social care tasks without the need for extra training.

Advanced Microfibre Wrap – Every Treat-Eezi pad is covered in an advanced microfibre material, which reduces the build up of shearing and provides a soft, comfortable surface for the user to sit or lie on.

Exclusive Size To Recliners – Our long-lasting and cost-effective Treat-Eezi pads have versions supporting weights up to 25 stone, and are also available in a special size that is exclusive to Recliners.

Pressure Protection From The Very Beginning

The Treat-Eezi pad can be transferred from bed to chair in seconds and starts working as soon as you sit or lie down on it, with the porous microfibre structure preventing excessive moisture build-up and allowing efficient air flow.

Download Treat-Eezi Brochure

At Recliners, we use the latest high quality gel cushions to have a positive impact on pressure care and dispersion.

The Gel Sheet provides soft characteristics and is available in a wide range of pressure including, protection pads, mattress/ seat pads for comfortable and pressure dispersion purposes. By utilising a special honeycomb structure it has very good shock and vibration performance yet maintaining a light weight. The new design brings not only a soft cool feeling and pressure dispersion, but many additional benefits too.

With our air cushion system, individuals with existing pressure sores or are in the category of serious risk will benefit from the following.

Our years of experience with this product has helped open wounds heal as the cells deform and envelope the individual who is then able to sit securely for hours at a time in the knowledge that pressure is indeed being spread over the entire surface of the cushion and not allowing for further necrosis of the skin.

To tackle growing demands for a remedy to combat problems associated with sitting for lengthy periods of time, Recliners integrates pressure reducing seat cushions with across all product ranges.Circulatory pressures can cause discomfort which might lead to the formation of pressure ulcers. Our cushions are made from a unique combination of materials.

Pressure reducing seat cushions comprise of two distinct layers which carry out different but equally important functions. The upper layer is Vasco, a Visco-Elastic cellular polymer which is both temperature sensitive and energy absorbing , responds to body heat and forms to the body’s shape. The supporting layer helps improves support and flexibility for the upper layer.

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