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Using Social Media for Healthcare Marketing

Posted by / November 30, 2016 / Categories: Industry News, Inside Recliners

One thing that got us thinking at the recent Trade Days event was the number of seminars dedicated solely to how businesses can use social media more effectively. One talk – provocatively titled: Social Media, Why Bother made the case very clearly that social media can be a really effective tool if used correctly.

But what is ‘correct’ use of social media?

Well, a great social media campaign will create content that people want to share organically. That way, people will be spreading the word about your company for you. Something that makes them laugh, educates them or gives them food for thought is always good – this kind of campaign can be great fun to work on too.

Stuck for ideas? Take a look at this post, giving examples of 8 companies that have run great social media campaigns in the healthcare industry.

Of course, you haven’t always got to run a hilarious, barnstorming campaign. Simply maintaining a regular presence on the platforms that work for your business, will allow your customers to see what your up to and will help them keep you in mind.

Two key tips for social media best practice are:

1 – Be natural and give your company a ‘voice’. So many companies come across too formal when trying to write posts on any platform. Social media is a human-to-human platform first, so write in a way your audience can connect with.

2 – Educate rather than sell. Your customers don’t go on social media because they want to look at a catalogue of adverts. So rather than selling, can you give them something useful – can you teach something or give an opinion about a new trend in your field? This kind of content is far more amenable to the average social media user than a blatant advert.

For a more comprehensive guide on use of social media within the healthcare industry follow this link.

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