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Meticulously Designed Bariatric Seating

Our Design and Development team have created a perfectly crafted bariatric chair that caters for patient care, safe handling and dignity, alongside the safety of both patient and carer which are fundamental to modern healthcare.

The chair combines exceptional functionality and high carrying capacity to support the treatment of bariatric patients.


Battery Back-up System

Our Bariatric chair has an integrated Battery Back-up System for complete safety during a shortage of power supply to it’s environment.


Waterproof Fabric

Our waterproof fabrics combine maximum abrasion resistance with Specially engineered low friction surface which minimises the risk of shear.


Weight Tested

The Bariatric chair has an impressive 40 Stone (254kg) weight capacity, whilst offering a 25 Stone (158kg) leg lift system.

Synchronised Motor System

Our 10 day Bariatric chair comes complete with a 40 Stone 4 motor synchronised system with reset functions. This mechanism is a solid performance action and has been specifically designed for the bariatric market.


Reflexion Foam Pack


Conventional Foam Seat

The conventional seat cushion does not adequately support, or disperse, weight effectively. Image on the left highlights a large proportion of the buttocks, which is the area at greatest risk.


Reflexion Foam Seat

In complete contrast, the Reflexion seat cushion shows a substantial reduction in interface pressure around the critical area of the buttocks and is completely devoid of any pressure contact areas.


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Size Matrix Guide

Product Spec. Measurements (inches)
Seat Height 19 – 22
Seat Width 25 – 31
Seat Depth 18 – 24
Back Height 28 – 32

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