HealthCare Express 2

HCE 2 - Despatched in just 48 hours

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Fabric Shown: Highland Steel & Black VP
Suitable for Home Environment
Suitable for Nursing & Residential Homes
Suitable for Healthcare Environment

48hour Dispatch Time

The HCE 2 is hand built and has a 48hour dispatch time. Using a Tilt In Space Manual Gas strut Mechanism with an independent foot and back adjustment allows the user to find that perfect position.

Seat Height Adjustment

The height adjustable footplate caters for seat height adjustment of 100mm to accommodate a multitude of users, while the angle adjustable footplate is designed for users who suffer from Planter flexion. This will reduce tension imposed on the ankle joint with multiple angle variations available.

Manual Tilt in Space

The Manual Tilt in Space feature on the HCE 2 allows a user to reach a neutral posture position aiding the alleviation of disc pressure and improving pelvic stability.

Back Option

The HCE 2 comes with a Lateral back, designed to offer maximum support to the back. It features zipped rear access for fibre adjustment, which can be particularly beneficial for managing postural conditions.

*48hour dispatch time can be subject change.

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Despatched within just 48hours.


Size Matrix

Size Matrix

Product Size SH SW SD BH AH
Standard 17 – 21 18 19 29 9

Back Options

Pressure Care

Medium Risk Pressure Care as Standard

Medium risk pressure care is standard with an interchangeable seat module to accommodate a high-risk pressure cushion if required.

Contact us to discuss further pressure care options.

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