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Comfort, Pressure Management & Posture Control as Standard

The Melody is designed for a range of users who require a combination of comfort, pressure management and posture control from their seating system. The adjustability of Melody and the range of complementary accessories mean that it is a chair suitable for users who require specific support and positioning to achieve good posture.

Complete Tilt in Space Technology

Our Melody chair has an in-built Tilt in Space movement which is operated from the rear push handle, allowing the chair to be gently reclined in a range of positions while maintaining a constant back angle.

Leg Lift Operation

A leg lift clasp is located on the outside of the arm, allowing the primary or secondary user to elevate the legs.


Postural Management

Using interchangeable back and pressure seating options allows the user to achieve the most comfortable sitting positions and to achieve the correct posture.


Tilt In Space System

With independent leg elevation and back recline, this system enables change of orientation which redistributes pressure and maintains physical angles at the hips, knees and ankles.


Pressure Care Management

Using a Vapour Permeable removable seat wrap allows alternative pressure care foams, cushions and gels to be incorporated in the seat offering low to high pressure care options to the user.


Suitable for home and healthcare environments, nursing and residential homes

Height Adjustable Footplate

A height adjustable footplate attaches to the leg rest, once elevated to cater for various sized users.

Angle Adjustable Footplate

For users with restricted ankle movement. Foot pads are available to accommodate leg length discrepancy.

Operational Grab Bar

Heavy duty grab bar with additional rubber grips and locking control paddle for recline and TIS operations.

Inbuilt Lateral Support

Our fibre lateral backrest offers moderate postural support to the lower back and trunk as standard.

Horseshoe Headroll

A contoured soft pillow to fit shoulders & neck. This pillow provides a very supportive head position.

Deep Contoured Headroll

A Reflexion foamed headrest providing support to users who suffer with severe head movements and/or neck injury.

Padded Pelvic Belt

The additional padded pelvic belt maintains user position and is designed for user comfort.

Individual Locking Castors

100mm locking swivel castors made from high grade synthetic materials. Total lock and directional lock available.

Interchangeable Seat Module

The interchangeable seat module allow for Posture Visco, Gel, Air and Dynamic Air options to be added with ease.

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Size Matrix Guide

Product Spec. Measurements (inches)
Seat Height 17 – 21 to footplate
Seat Width 18
Seat Depth 19
Back Height 29
Arm Height 9

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