We are proud to announce the re-launch of our healthcare range, with new names, new designs and new features added to all of our chairs. Read on to find out more.  At Recliners we’re constantly innovating, looking for ways to evolve our product range and better serve our customers. That might mean by introducing new chairs to our range, creating a whole new service as we did with our Healthcare Express range earlier this year, or it might even mean revisiting our old chairs and seeing how we can improve them. That’s been the case over the last few months, as our design team looked again at our range of Healthcare chairs. These are some of our most popular, and our most technical chairs, but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t find ways to make them even better. So we are proud to introduce our Healthcare chairs for 2020: a modern, stylish and industry leading range of recliners for the healthcare environment.  Here’s what’s new:

The Multicare Plus

Our most popular model over the last couple years has received a full revamp, now coming in a striking crimson red and black VP. No change needed to the design here, but an integrated QR code now comes as standard, making it easy to access instructions and help.

The Eco-Flex

Main changes here are a wider void at the base of the lateral, giving the chair a tighter fit, and a newly developed, full height lateral. VP on the inner wing and top arm now comes as standard, as does the integrated QR code.  Feedback from many of you has told us that having three chairs with Harmony in their name could be a cause of confusion when ordering. So two of our three Harmonies have new names as well:

The Tempo (previously the Harmony Riser Porta)

Same great chair, just a new name to make ordering easier.

The Melody (previously the Harmony Porta Gas Strut)

Tweaks to this model include a full length lateral back as standard and a wider base for an improved fit. We hope you like the look of our new Healthcare range – to find out more about any of the models and the changes we have made, get in touch with our friendly team.
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Next Chair of the Month – The Tempo

An old favourite has a new name. But rest assured, this chair still has all the features that have made it a staple of our Healthcare collection for many years, with its adaptable frame and multiple mechanisms, not to mention the reflexion foam as standard making it one of our most versatile and comfortable models.