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Chair of the Month (June) – The Eco Flex

Posted by / May 31, 2016 / Categories: Inside Recliners, News

Save Money While Giving the Best Possible Care.

As a healthcare professional, your aim is to give the best care possible to your patients. If you’re an OT, this means providing solutions that meet your patients’ precise needs, and adapting as these needs change. If you’re a care home or hospital manager, this means providing solutions that offer as many patients as possible with the care they require.

Very often, costs present a barrier to doing this. As much as you might want to, buying a new chair when your patients’ needs change, or stocking a range of chairs to cater for all eventualities just isn’t always practical.

We developed to Eco Flex to solve this problem.

It’s a fully adjustable and cost-effective chair that can be adapted to meet a complete range of postural needs. OTs and care givers can adapt the Eco Flex to meet their patients’ changing requirements. Healthcare managers no longer have to buy a range of chairs, but can adjust the Eco Flex to suit individual needs.

This chair means medium to long-term savings without compromising one bit on the quality of care you offer your patients.

The most cost-effective solution is also the most caring solution.

Using the Eco Flex Chair to provide the best support:

Set the adjustable height and depth to meet your patient’s height. Easy-to use ‘turn wheels’ and ‘risers’ make this process simple.

The Eco-Flex Recliner Chair

Help patients who are sitting for a long period of time by redistributing pressure with the with the ‘tilt in space’ feature. The adjustable footboard can also help alter position and increase comfort.

The Eco-Flex Recliner Chair

Give the best postural care with the lateral back support and reflexion foam cushions. Both these features come as standard on the chair, and provide excellent support for the majority of non critical users. However, where further postural support is required, the chair has been designed to allow cushion inserts meet individual needs.

The Eco-Flex Recliner Chair

Transfer users safely and easily using the two-faceted arms with wheeled hoists.

Find out more

We offer free CPD training on the Eco Flex Chair. Give us a call to book your time slot and we’ll arrange a time to come to you and demonstrate the full range of the Eco Flex’s capabilities.

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