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We Now Offer Free CPD Training Sessions

Posted by / May 31, 2016 / Categories: News, Training

Hospitals and Care Homes are Saving Thousands with our New Eco Flex Chair. Now we’re Offering Free CPD sessions for all Staff and Retailers.

We have recently begun offering free CPD training on one of our most popular models, the Eco-Flex.

What is the Eco-Flex Chair?

Eco-Flex - CPD Training
The Eco-Flex has been specifically designed to save social care and healthcare organisations money. It eliminates the need to buy a wide range of multi-dimensional chairs, by offering completely flexible movement options in multiple directions.

While significantly cheaper than chairs made to bespoke specifications, the Eco Flex comes with several high-end features as standard. These include the Reflexion ™ memory foam with built in medium pressure care, a lateral supporting back cushion and a range of 4-way, permeable healthcare fabric coverings.

Who is the Eco Flex suitable for?

The great thing about the Eco-Flex model is that it is suitable for almost anyone, from the average person looking to improve their seating posture, to patients with severe mobility and postural difficulties. The adjustable back, height and depths allow a complete range of postural management options. Extra pressure care products can be added to provide bespoke, additional support.

Who is our CPD Training for?

Our CPD Training is for anyone working within a healthcare setting, whose patients may benefit from the comprehensive range of postural support options and the high level of comfort the chair offers.

What does the CPD Training Cover?

The CPD training we offer on the Eco-Flex model will show you how to use the chair’s many features correctly, to give your customers and patients the maximum benefit possible. Features the CPD training covers include:

  • Adjusting seat depth using the hand-operated ‘turn wheels’ and changing the brackets.
  • Adjusting the seat height with the easy-to-use glide mechanisms.
  • Using the tilt-in-space feature to redistribute pressure for comfort and support
  • How to correctly adjust the footboard using the simple ‘turn wheel’ system to offer maximum comfort and support.
  • Assessing a patient’s needs to decide which of the interchangeable back cushions will offer the most beneficial postural support.
  • Pressure Care Management advice, including how to determine the need for and choose the correct support cushions, and how to insert these correctly into the removable duvet cover.
  • Safely moving and handling the Eco-Flex Chair.

Is CPD Training necessary to use the Eco-Flex Chair?

The Eco Flex Chair has been designed to be as simple as possible to use. All the adjustments can be made by hand and the user manual clearly outlines how to use all the different adjustment mechanisms within the chair.

However, our Free CPD training will ensure all staff know exactly how to use the chair to offer patients the maximum benefit. If every member of your team is confident using and adjusting the chair to meet specific individual needs, then not only will your organisation be making big savings by only having to buy one type of chair, but your patients will be benefiting from maximum comfort and benefit.

Can I add the Eco Flex Training to my record of continual professional development?

Yes. You will receive a certificate at the end of your course which can be added to your CPD record.

How can I organise a free CPD training session?

To book your Eco-Flex CPD Training, call Kelly at Recliners on 01443 431000.

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