Designed for tomorrow & manufactured for today.

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Fabric Shown: Highland Terracotta & Black VP
Suitable for Home Environment
Suitable for Nursing & Residential Homes
Suitable for Healthcare Environment

Fully Adjustable

The Eco-Flex is fully adjustable in both height and depth, reducing the requirements for stocking a large inventory of multiple-sized chairs, as well as allowing interchangeable pressure care modules.

Seat Height & Depth Adjustment

Designed to enable quick adjustments to seat height and seat depth for optimum adaptability to the user’s needs.

Tilt in Space System

The Tilt in Space movement allows the chair to be gently reclined to a range of positions while maintaining a constant back angle.

Additional Back Options

The Eco-Flex is available with multiple back options allowing any user to find comfort. Zipped rear access allow fibre adjustment which can be beneficial to postural conditions.

The Eco-Flex Brochure

The Eco-Flex, designed for tomorrow & manufactured for today.


Size Matrix

Size Matrix

Product Size SH SW SD BH AH
Standard 18 – 21 19 or 21 17 – 21 28 7
Bespoke Manufacture Available

Back Options

This chair comes with multiple back options which allow the user to achieve maximum comfort, accommodating their individual needs.

Fibre Lateral Back
2-Tier Drop Back
Vertical 2-Tier Drop Back
3-Tier Drop Back
Foam Lateral Back

Pressure Care

Tailored Pressure Care, Fitted With Ease

The design of the Eco-Flex allows alterations to the type of pressure and postural care that is required for a client and can accommodate a variety of additional pressure care products. These can be quickly installed at a later date should it become necessary, dependent on the users personal requirements.

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Extra features

Inbuilt Lateral Support
Faceted Arms Aid Hoist Access
Seat Depth Adjustability
Footboard Adjustability
Seat Height Adjustability
Button Glides

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