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Election 2019 – What are the Labour and Conservative Policies for Health and Social Care?

Posted by / November 28, 2019 / Categories: Inside Recliners, Occupational Therapy

A very quick guide to the two main parties’ major pledges.

Whether you’re fed up with it already, or a passionate political campaigner, the 2019 election is dominating the news agendas right now, and the two main parties are doing what they can to get your attention. 

With health and social care obviously very close to so many of your hearts, we thought we’d share the major policy pledges of the two main parties regarding this area. (Of course, many other parties are available, but with these two leading the polls at the time of writing, we have included only the Labour and Conservative pledges). 



£1bn per year on adult social care


6bn for a National Care Service covering adults and children

Major Policies


  • Prioritise finding a cure for dementia
  • £74m over three years to provide support in communities for those living with autism and/or learning difficulties
  • Dignity for everyone in their old age


  • Cap on lifetime contribution to care costs of £100,000
  • In-home support for those living with autism and learning conditions
  • Paid travel time for care workers and an end to 15-minute visits

Key Quote


“Nobody needing care should be forced to sell their home to pay for it”


the most radical, people-focused plan in modern times”

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