At this time of year we tend to look back and review all the feedback we’ve received on our models. And for the second year running, overwhelmingly one chair has received more rave reviews than any other model: the MultiCare Plus.  Designed with versatility, affordability and maximum comfort in mind, this chair is perfect for the healthcare setting as it can accommodate a wide range of body shapes and needs easily. Tilt in Space technology, a height and angle adjustable footplate and removable Visco air gel cushions are just some of the features that have made this our most popular model two years running. See more
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Hi and welcome to this month’s Inside Recliners. In any normal year, we’d be rushing to get the last of the Christmas orders sent, and looking forward to the Christmas party right about now. But with Covid meaning our last orders date had to be pushed forward, and of course, no party to plan, it...